Kate Winslet incarnera la photographe Lee Miller dans le biopic d’Ellen Kuras

CINÉMA La photographe a couvert la Seconde Guerre mondiale

20 Minutes avec agences


L'actrice Kate Winslet
L'actrice Kate Winslet — WENN / VISUAL

Kate Winslet donnera vie à l’écran à la photographe Lee Miller. Ellen Kuras, nommée aux Oscars pour son documentaire The Betrayal, réalisera le biopic consacrée à la correspondante de l’armée américaine pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Si le projet est sur la table depuis quelque temps déjà, cette fois, le financement est trouvé (Rocket Science) et les héritiers de Lee Miller ont accordé l’accès à toutes les archives de la photographe.

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EVENT: Lee Miller’s War: Witnessing Women. . . Whilst recording WWII events Lee Miller was also photographing & writing about aspects of womens’ roles during the war, wartime fashion, work of the WRNS, the A.T.S, land girls, refugees, nurses, concentration camp victims, women accused of collaboration and those forced into slave labour. . . Her story and that of the women she encountered is told through Miller’s own images presented by her son Antony Penrose and Miller’s words spoken by her granddaughter Ami Bouhassane. . . The dramatised performance is set to a continuous stream of images and lasts 1 hour 20 minutes with an interval.. . . The following the presentation is a chance to be part of the @farleyshg exhibition openings for Grim Glory: Lee Miller’s Britain at War and Dreaming The Found, an exhibition of works by Kathleen Fox. Kathleen will be in attendance to talk about her exhibition. . . 🌟DATES: Thursday 9th April @ 6.30pm at Farleys 🌟BOOKING: see tickets page on @Farleyshg website (link in bio) . . . . . Image: Lee Miller in helmet customised for use with a camera, Normandy, France 1944 © Lee Miller Archives, England 2020 All rights reserved www.leemiller.co.uk . . . . #leemiller #womenatwar #womenduringthewar #wwiii #wwiiwomen #womenofwwii #ats #wrns #wrens #photography #photographer #warcorrespondent #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography #vintage #wartimefashion

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« Lee Miller avait une passion pour exposer la vérité ce qui l’a menée à photographier les brutales réalités de la seconde Guerre mondiale qui étaient étouffées à l’époque. Ce film nous embarque dans un voyage où se croisent la loyauté et la trahison, et qui révèle l’énigme qu’était Lee – comme quelqu’un qui a enterré ses propres vérités », a déclaré Ellen Kuras au Hollywood Reporter.

Une vie hors du commun

Le film sera basé sur le livre d’Anthony Penrose – qui n’est autre que le fils de la photographe – The Lives of Lee Miller, qui sera adapté par Liz Hannah.

Lee Miller, née dans l’Etat de New York, a commencé en tant que mannequin, avant d’arriver à Paris en 1929 où elle a travaillé avec Man Ray puis de monter son propre studio photo. Celle qui était au départ spécialisée dans le portrait et la photo de mode est devenue photographe freelance pour Vogue, avant de rejoindre l’armée américaine, en 1944, en tant que correspondante de guerre accréditée.

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75 years ago today, 30th April 1945 - the liberation of Dachau prision camp . . Lee Miller wrote for her picture caption: 'The overcrowded "blocks" of prisoners were re-crowded by incoming evacuated prisoners from other camps and the triple decker bunks, without blankets, or even straw held two and three men per bunk who lay in bed, too weak to circulate the camp in victory marches or songs, although they mostly grinned [...] peering over the edge. In the few minutes it took me to take the attached pictures, two men were found to be dead, and were unceremoniously dragged out and thrown on the heap outside the block. Nobody seemed to mind except me. The doctor said it was too late for more than half the others in the buiding anyway..' . . Lee had arrived in the town of Dachau the evening before: 'as shells were falling. The camp had already been "liberated" by the combined operations of the 42nd and the 45th Infantry Division. Went to camp this morning..which was typical of all great Nazi concentration camps. Just outside a picturesque town, large barracks area of oblong buildings. Half of the camp was devoted to permanent billeting of SS troops and other half to half starved crazed prisoners. In this case the camp is so close to the town that there is no question about the inhabitants knowning what went on...' . . She recorded the horrors of the camp in a cold rage. Determined for there to be a record to show the world. She cabled back to Vogue what she had witnessed. The article in American Vogue took the theme of her message as it's title 'Believe it'. . . . . . Image: liberated prisoners in their bunks, Dachau prison camp, Germany 1945 by Lee Miller © Lee Miller Archives, England 2020. All rights reserved. www.leemiller.co.uk . . . . . . #leemiller #leemillerarchives #wwiihistory #wwii #75yearsago #dachau #blackandwhitephotography #blackandwhite #noiretblanc #noiretblancphotographe #photographer #fotoblancoynegro #fotografo #fotographie #fotographia

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Lee Miller a notamment couvert la Libération de Paris, ainsi que celle des camps de Buchenwald et Dachau.

Ses portraits d’artistes, notamment Picasso, sont également célèbres.